for Lighting Dual Adapter & Ring Holder USAMS 3.5mm Audio&charger Adjust Phone Holder fast charging for iPhone iOS Adapter OTG



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item description

Dual Lighting Ring Holder Adapter USAMS Audio&charging Game 180 Adjustable Phone Holder Adapter 2A fast charging Adapter OTG For iPhone XS XR X 6 7 8 iOS 12 11 10 9 8 7



Features :


1. Audio and charging at same time. 2A fast charging.

2. Ring holder design. Not only an adatper, but also a phone holder 

3. ABS+Zinc alloy material. Magnetic material, can be used together with magnetic car holder

4. Mini bending style, enjoy to play game.180 degree bending adjustable angles, durable to use


Please kindly note : 

Type 1 : US-SJ275 Lighting to 3.5mm Audio+Lighting Ring Holder Adatper, its function is 2 in 1, Audio+charging game holder adapter

Type 2: US-SJ274 Dual Lighting Ring Holder Adapter, its function is 4 in 1, Audio+Phone call+charging+volume control game holder adapter


Package includes :


1* Dual Lighting Ring Holder Adapter / Lighting to 3.5mm Ring Holder Adapter  

(Choose what type you want ) 

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