Custom Pet Photo Pillows-The Best Gift For Pet Love


Turn your best friend into a cute hug pillow. Make an amazing gift for any dog ​​mom or dog dad! This is the perfect gift for yourself, pets or loved ones! The pillow is made of polyester and is very soft and durable! Upload a picture of your favorite furry friend and we will put it on your comfortable pillow! We will make adjustments to your photos and apply professional photo editing corrections to ensure your new pillow looks perfect! This soft handmade pet pillow can be used as a cushion, toy or decoration for a room. About the fabric: The fabric is made of high-quality polyester! 100% polyester fabric, fashionable atmosphere, can be used in any room. Cut and sew separately by hand. Each pillowcase has a hidden zip so you can easily remove and clean it. Although your bedspread can be washed on a machine with a low spin setting, we recommend that you do some cleaning to keep your pillows in top condition! When ordering more than 2 pillows, please follow these steps: 1. Upload the first picture, select the appropriate size, and click "Add to Cart" 2. Back to the page to customize pet pillows 3. Upload the second picture and click "Add to Cart" again Note: Only one pet can be placed on each pillow.

The picture must be 100KB or more, and the size must be 800 * 800 pixels or more. The clearer the picture, the better.

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