Tik Tok's new smallest FY804 2.4G 6-axis RC helicopter drone 360 degree roll 2.2 cm pocket drone mini pocket drone

Tik Tok's new smallest FY804 2.4G 6-axis RC helicopter drone 360 degree roll 2.2 cm pocket drone mini pocket drone
The Fayee FY804 -- World's Smallest Drone, which fusing the 22 * 22 * 19 mm dimension and only 7.5g weight together. 2.4G frequency RC transmitter allows you to fly your copter with strong signal among other aircrafts.Built-in LED lights can not only help to indicate direction at night or in dark place.Its Mini body makes it so cute and unique.



Brand name: Fayee
Item no.: FY-804
Color: Green, Blue
Material: ABS
Speed: 3 Speeds of high / Middle/ Low.
Size: 22 * 22 * 19 mm
Quadcopter Weight: 7.5g
Blade size: 21mm
Control distance: 25m
Charge time: about 30 minutes
Battery of quadcopter: 3.7V 80mAh li-po battery(included


> This product is equipped with a headless flight mode, the helicopter will automatically recognize the direction of the remote control, and can go forward, backward, turn left and turn right from multiple directions.
> No need to worry about the helicopter losing control because it has no head or tail direction.
> The unique dual control mode is equipped with an entry-level mode suitable for green hands and a technician-level mode suitable for hardcore players, thus realizing its versatility. This helicopter can operate indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for a variety of hardcore gamers!
> This product uses imported special environmental protection materials to make the helicopter stronger and more resistant to falling.
> The new stepless speed change function can achieve 40% -100% seamless speed change and 40% progressive acceleration or deceleration. You can choose the right gear according to your operating proficiency and space.
> High-speed rotation. This helicopter is equipped with high-tech LED colorful lights, which can fly freely during the day or night. The maximum steering speed can control the helicopter to keep spinning at high speed. It will form a colorful halo.
> This product is equipped with imported high-performance six-axis gyroscope, which can be thrown from any angle without any adverse effects.
> This product has the function of rotating forward and backward 360 degrees. Fast rotation speed and accurate positioning!
> This product adopts 2.4GHz signal, which makes the operation more accurate, the response is more alert, and the remote control distance is longer. It allows the operation of multiple helicopters at the same place without interference.
> Unique product structure design. Faster charging time. You can operate it for a long time without feeling excited.

Package Including:

1 * Fayee FY804 Mini Rc Quadcopter
1 * 2.4g Transmitter RC
1 * Usb Charging Cable
1 * User Manual

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